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    Connect with an ezispeak interpreter

    For organisations who use ezispeak for language services

    Video Call can facilitate access to on demand interpreters through ezispeak, a provider of real time video language services. Organisations who have an account with ezispeak for language services will be able to connect an interpreter to a Video Call within seconds, using the ezispeak button in the call screen. Ezispeak has real-time interpreters available in over 20 languages and no scheduling is required. This enables clinicians to request a language interpreter to join a video call as needed.

    To connect an ezispeak interpreter to a Video Call in your clinic, your organisation will already have a relationship with ezispeak and have the ezispeak Add-on activated and configured by your clinic administrator. Clinic administrators can contact their jurisdiction lead to start the approval process for having this add-on installed.

    Clinic administrators can configure ezispeak by doing the following (once the add-on is activated in their clinic):

    Click on Add-ons in the left menu and scroll down to ezispeakhealth
    Click on Configure next to the ezispeakhealth add-on
    Fill in the fields in the pop up dialogue box.

    Add your 5 digit ezispeak customer pin and fill in the other fields in line with your ezispeak requirements.

    Enable ezispeakHealth for Session/Waiting Area to use the functionality for patient consultations in your Waiting Area. You can also enable in Meeting Rooms if required.

    If you need any assistance with this, please contact ezispeak customer support:
    • Phone: 1300 562 165
    • Email:

    Please note: the field information shown here is for example only.

    To connect with an interpreter during a call:

    Join a Video Call with your patient/client
    If an on demand interpreter is required in the the call, click on the ezispeak button at top right
    In the dialogue box, select the language you require and any gender preference, if applicable.
    Your request will be sent to the ezispeak interpreter service.
    An interpreter matching your request joins the Video Call and provides interpreting services during the consultation.
    End the call as usual at the end of the consultation.

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