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    Start video call buttons

    Adding a Start Video Call button on your website

    For each Organisational Unit and Waiting Area, Video Call generates a button script that website authors can embed in one or more of their website's pages.

    When set up, the script displays a Start video call button, which provides the public with access to either:

    • A specific Waiting Area
    • All publicly accessible Waiting Areas associated with an Organisational Unit

    When a caller clicks the Start video call button, the Video Call Setup wizard walks them through a simple connection and device test and, if specified by the related Waiting Area's settings, prompts them for basic information before placing them in the Waiting Area's call queue.

    Button scripts only work with websites that have an SSL Certificate (i.e., the site's URL has an https: prefix).

    ClosedWhat do I do if my service's website is only HTTP?


    • The patient remains within your website before and after the call; the video call setup sequence appears as an overlay on the button's web page

    • Waiting Area-specific buttons can dynamically display the current availability of the Waiting Area (available, temporarily suspended, or closed)

    • Multi-Waiting Area buttons provide call access to multiple Waiting Areas from a single button: callers select the Waiting Area they want during the call setup process

    • You can customise the way the button appears on your website

    • Note: Custom button images are configured in the Video Call Management Console; only a person with the role of Organisation Administrator or Service Administrator can make the necessary changes.

    How do I use the button scripts?

    For a detailed description and instructions, see the following topics:

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