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    Known issues and limitations

    Updated 14th September, 2023

    Known Issue/Limitation
    Apple AirPods connection issue with Video Call when using an iPad. When using an iPad for a Video Call, Apple AirPods don't initially connect to the call, even when they are connected via Bluetooth to the iPad itself. Once you start the Video Call, pull down the iPad control centre (scroll from top right of the iPad screen). Tap on the AirPods symbol to select the speaker and select 'iPad'. Then change the selection to 'AirPods' and the sound will now come through the AirPods in the Video Call. We are working to resolve this issue.
    When both Live Captions and the 2M Lingo apps are installed in a clinic, the control icon is same for both apps in the Video Call Screen.
    Clinics who have both the 2M lingo app and the Live captions app enabled will be experiencing an issue where the logos are overlapped. This is simply a cosmetic issue but does not effect functionality.
    Hover over either icon and it will display the text for the application. Click on the icon to launch the application.
    iOS 15.6 participants may lose audio during call Participants on iOS 15.6 may lose audio from the far end approximately 6 minutes into a call. Please update to the latest version of iOS (currently 15.7 for iPad or 16 for iPhone).
    iPad participants introduce echo to the far end into a call after 2 minutes
    There is an introduced iOS 15.4,15.5 audio bug on iPad models listed below by Apple. This results in a bad echo 2 minutes into the call. More information:

    Some of the affected devices are listed below:
     • iPad 6th Generation (2018)
     • iPad 7th Generation (2019)
     • iPad Pro 10.5-inch (2017)

    Please update to the latest version of iOS (currently 15.7 for iPad or 16 for iPhone).
    Some users may experience issues with false errors in the pre-call test results.  The pre-call test is giving some false errors in the following areas:
    • Microphone
    • Internet quality
    • Can stall on network test
    If users experience any of these issues they can check that they have allowed microphone on their device or that their internet speed is sufficient. They can also get into a test Video Call to make sure all is working correctly in an actual call.
    Audio on some iOS devices coming through at low volume On certain iOS devices the volume is being outputted to multiple speakers at the same time causing a reduction in overall volume level A volume slider has been introduced under the settings drawer to enable manual volume control. Slide the slider to the right  until the volume is in an audible range.
    It is also recommended for patients to use headphones on the impacted iOS devices
    Unable to share screen on Android devices Android devices are unable to share screen - this is an Android limitation. You can share images, pdf files etc but not an entire screen. Share an image or pdf rather that selecting share entire screen. Alternatively, use a different device.
    iOS devices using 13.6.1 may drop out of calls while waiting in the waiting area. iOS devices using 13.6.1 may have issues where if a waiting caller leaves the waiting call screen to use another app it may cause the call to drop out of the waiting area. If using this version of iOS please do not navigate away from the waiting call screen to minimise the chance of this issue occurring. This issue can also occur if the device goes to sleep, so setting your device to never sleep can also help.
    Changing your clinic unique domain can conflict with another clinic's short URL. If you decide to change your clinic unique domain to make your clinic URL shorter or easier to remember, it can conflict with another clinic's short URL if they end up being the same. If this happens the patients from the other clinic may end up in your waiting area. If this occurs please contact the Video Call team as soon as possible so we can sort out the issue.
    Adding a screenshare when using Safari (iOS devices)

    Adding screenshares -  Safari on iOS does not yet support the underlying technology that allows screensharing to take place, so you can't add a screenshare from Safari. Safari users can still receive screenshares.

    It is currently not possible to share your screen on an iPad or iPhone when using Safari.
    iOS devices may sometimes not send audio stream correctly. Occasionally an iOS device will have a video call where the audio stream is not sent correctly. This can happen on both iPhone and iPad devices. If this occurs, simply refresh the call. This will  reload the audio stream correctly 
    iOS version 14.2 audio issues at the start of a call iPhone and iPad users with iOS version 14.2 may experience a crackling sound at the start of the call which should resolve as the call progresses. This is an iOS issue that Apple is aware of.

    This issue is resolved by updating your iOS version to the latest release.
    Device and bandwidth information for all participants in a video call

    1. It may take up to 60 seconds to gather and therefore display accurate information.

    2. Bandwidth statistics are only displayed when a peer (participant's computer/device) has an active connection to at least one other peer. For instance, if you have a single guest on hold in a call, the bandwidth will display ‘No information’ until there is an active connection again

    3. The bandwidth measurement is the sum of all the bandwidth usage across all active peer connections. This means that if you are connected to 2 other peers, and your connection with one has 250kbps upstream, and the other has 500kbps upstream, then you should expect to see 750kbps upstream displayed here

    4. Because the measurements are based on the active peer connections, the numbers indicated do not necessarily represent the maximum bandwidth capability of an individual's network connection, but rather, the current usage of the connection to each other. In a peer to peer environment, someone with a fast connection can only send data as fast as a person with a poor connection can receive it. Exceptions to this for services with call recording enabled as connections involve Coviu's SFU, and not directly to another peer. In that case, the connections will report on each peers connection to the SFU, so you will see a fast connection represented as such, and a bad connection similarly displayed as poor.

    5. The quality settings in a call will affect the amount of bandwidth used. For example, if a peer who has a fast connection has set their quality settings to ‘Bandwidth restricted’, this (just as with the traffic lights) will report their bandwidth as bad, because the connection use will be low (despite them having additional capacity). This does make me think that we should also report the quality setting selected by a user on this screen as well.

    Add ons: Uninstall option  The following add-ons that enable the corresponding Video Tools are set and cannot be uninstalled: 
    • Share an image or PDF
    • Start a screenshare
    • Add a whiteboard
    • Share a document camera
    These tools will be available to all video call users. 
    Find New Add-ons This feature is not enabled. You cannot currently find and install new add-ons or add-ons you have previously uninstalled. When clicking the search button the system will bring out back to your homescreen. We plan to open up add-ons in the future and will include in a future release.
    Screenshare - certain Microsoft applications  

    When a user tries to share certain Microsoft applications (including Excel and PowerPoint), they do not appear for selection in the application window or they do not share correctly (this is a limitation of WebRTC which allows video call to work in real time).

    When choosing what to share, select the Entire Screen, rather than Application.
    Microphone precall on Mac When running a precall test on Mac, users are unable to successfully connect a Bluetooth connected microphone (eg headset). You will see a red error message stating "You do not have a microphone that meets the requirements for the call". Ensure your headset is on and 'awake' by pressing one of the buttons. Ensure the mic is not muted.
    Please note: even though the external mic may fail the precall test, it is likely to work in an actual video call.

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Oppo A73

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Oppo A73 do not support Android/Chrome to iOS/Safari video calls
    iOS devices - Switching cameras may not work automatically on certain iPads Switching from front to rear camera may not automatically switch the camera. Press the refresh button after you have switched the camera to resolve this issue.

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