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    Configure your clinic call interface

    What platform role do I need - Org Admin, Team Admin

    Brand your clinic’s video call interface. If your organisation’s call interface has already been configured, these changes will apply to all clinics in the organisation. You can, however, override the organisation branding by, for example, uploading a clinic specific logo.

    How to configure your Clinic Call Interface

    1. From your Clinic waiting area page click on Configure.


    2. Click on Call Interface. You will see a graphic showing your call interface settings, including colours and a logo if one has already been added. In the below example both button and button text colours have been changed from the default and a logo has been uploaded. You can change any of these settings as required for your individual clinic.


    3. Choose a primary button colour and a secondary button colour if desired. The secondary colour refers to the text colour on the button.

    4. Choose a background colour – there are three to choose from.

    5. Upload a logo for your clinic which will appear at the bottom of the call screen. The maximum file size is 5MB. The pixel size has a maximum height of 36 pixels with the width maximum being 138 pixels. Please ensure that the logo is not more than 3.8x wider than the height.

    6. Once uploaded you will see your logo and can change or remove if required.

    7.    Upload a splash image – this image is visible as the background while the call window is loading (when you click on Join Call).

    Once uploaded you can change or remove your splash image.

    8.    Click Save to save your changes.

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