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    Step 4: Conduct a Video Call consultation

    It's time to hold your first Video Call consultation

    It is very easy to conduct a healthdirect Video Call consultation. 


    To start a Video Call consultation, a patient/client clicks on the link that has been provided by the health service. A form will ask for their name and any other information requested by the health service. The patient/client will then arrive in the clinic waiting area and wait in their own private video room. They will see any messages from the clinic (configured in ‘Configure>Waiting area’) and hear music – they can change the type of music they hear to suit their taste. Please watch this short video that shows the patient journey when starting a Video Call to attend their appointment via Video Call.

    Health service providers

    When the health service provider is ready, they sign in to Video Call and will see their clinic waiting area dashboard. They can see their waiting patient and click ‘Join’ button next to the patient’s name. The health service provider doesn’t use a ‘Meeting room’ or ‘User room’ for health consultations – they simply join their patient’s call from the Waiting Area. (Meeting rooms and User rooms are used for meetings with other health professionals or other guests, they are not designed to be used for a video consultation with a patient.)

    See step-by-step instructions for how to join a video call.

    While in the video consultation, the health service provider may want to do a range of things they do during a face-to-face consultation, such as show the patient test results, draw a diagram, provide the name of a medicine they need to get or even get another health professional to join the consultation. All these things can also be done during a video consultation using a range of apps & tools.

    See step-by-step instructions for how to use the apps & tools available in healthdirect Video Call.

    Information for health professionals

    We have some quick guides that you can download and/or print for your GPs including:

    Clinic team members can watch this video  to see how easy it is to use healthdirect Video Call.

    Waiting area alerts

    Each team member can set up their own waiting area alerts. This is done from within the waiting area in the right-hand panel (it is not done through ‘Configure’).

    Waiting area alerts can be sent by SMS, email or desktop notifications. Waiting area alerts are sent for all waiting patients in the clinic, which may have a number of health service providers as team members, so they may not all be your patients. Use your usual booking practices to see who your next patient or client is.


    If there are difficulties during a Video Call, our troubleshooting guide will answer most of your concerns. If the troubleshooting guide doesn’t help you, there are other forms of support

    The Video Call Resource Centre that you are now in includes many step-by-step instructions, videos and downloads. Feel free to browse these resources or use the search function to find what you are looking for.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for?

    Email support

    or speak to the Video Call team on 1800 580 771

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