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    Create and delete meeting rooms

    What platform role do I need - Organisation Admin, Team Admin

    Meeting rooms are designed for health service providers to meet with one another. Meeting room uses include team meeting and case conferences. Team members who are given access to meeting rooms by the clinic administrator can enter a meeting room at any time. Click here for more information regarding attending a meeting in a meeting room.

    How to add or delete shared team meeting rooms which clinic team members can be given access to:

    1. From your Clinic waiting area page click on Create A New Room under the Meeting Rooms section on the left
    2. Enter the name of the new meeting room.
    Example: Team Meeting 1, Case Conference Room. Click Add a meeting room to create the new room. 
    Deleting a Meeting Room
    1. Click on Meeting Rooms  
    2. Here you can view all meeting rooms and their associated URLs. To delete a meeting room click the bin icon on the right.
    You'll be prompted to confirm you want to delete that room, click Delete room to permanently delete that room.

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