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    Waiting area dashboard

    Who can see this - all video call account holders with waiting area access

    Your Waiting Area dashboard is where you will see your patients waiting for, or participating in, a video consultation with your service. You will see information including their name and phone number., as well as any other information your clinic admin configures.

    Please note: the waiting area has a new design and additional sorting and searching capabilities from Friday 10th September. These are explained below and the main functionality of joining calls, transferring to another waiting area and notifying callers remains the same. These changes are part of our ongoing improvements to user accessibility on our platform and will make the waiting area easier to view and navigate. 

    Example clinic waiting area dashboard:

    How to navigate the elements of your waiting area dashboard

    There are various elements in the clinic waiting area dashboard including caller information and waiting area settings. Click on the headings below to see detailed information. 

    All Callers: status, information, activity, joining a call and ending a call

    Your Waiting Area dashboard is where you will see your patients waiting for, or participating in, a video consultation with your service.
    When you first arrive in your Waiting Area dashboard, you will see either of the 2 screens to the right, depending if there are any callers currently waiting or being seen in the clinic.


    All callers in the waiting area have their own Caller Card showing all the required information they have entered.
    Their status will be one of the following:
    • Waiting (orange, changing to darker orange if waiting more than 30 mins).
    • Being Seen (green)
    • On hold (red)

    For each caller you will be able to access further information regarding participants, call activity and any extra patient entry fields required by the clinic. To see this information click on the three dots to the right of a caller's entry.

    Please note: Any signed in team member/administrator for your clinic can access this information. 
    To send a notification to a waiting patient before you begin a Video Call consultation - for example, to let a patient know that the clinic is running late - you can use the Notify function.
    To access this function click on the three dots to the right of that caller and select Notify.
    • If any notifications have been sent to this caller already, you will see a number next to Notify. You will also see this number on the clinic dashboard in a small blue circle to the top right of the 3 dots.
    • Type a custom notification to the caller in the dialogue box and click send.
    • The patient will receive your notification in their screen while they are waiting to be seen.

    Join a call
    Locate your next patient/client and simply click on Join to start the consultation.

    If configured in your clinic, a pop-up confirmation box will appear, showing who you are about to join the call with. A host is a service provider with an account and a guest is a patient/client. If the name that comes up is not who you intended to join the call with you can click cancel and join the correct call.
    If the confirmation box is not configured in your clinic, when you click Join Call your Video Call will begin without the confirmation.
    To view participants in a call, click on the three dots to the right of the caller card and select Participants.
    Expand a participant's information by clicking on the arrow to the right of the participant name.
    Here you will see:
    • camera
    • microphone
    • browser, 
    • device, and 
    • bandwidth information

    You can also disconnect the caller from here, if appropriate.

    If a caller is waiting to be seen or on hold they will be the only participant in the call.
    To view call activity for a particular call, click on the three dots to the right of that caller and select Activity.

    Here you will see an activity log for a particular call. This includes any information your clinic has requested callers to provide as they are starting the call (eg medicare number or date of birth). These fields are configured in the Patient Entry Fields in the clinic configuration section of the platform.
    End Call
    Click on End Call to end a call currently in progress, or to end a call for a caller waiting or on hold, if required.

    A confirmation screen will show the participant/s who will be disconnected from the call and gives a chance to confirm that this is the action you would like to perform.

    Please note: Calls are usually ended by the clinician in the Video Call consultation with a patient/client from within the call screen. Ending a call from the waiting area dashboard is optional and available if required.

    Searching, customisation, sorting and filtering

    The new waiting area design includes new functionality for customising the waiting area view, including searching for callers, customising your dashboard view, sorting and filtering by status.


    Typing in a word or number will show any caller cards that contain the key word or number typed in.
    This can help locate callers in busy clinics with many people waiting, being seen and on hold.
    When search has filtered out some callers you will be alerted in the grey bar below the search results.

    Remove the text or number you have entered in the Search box to see all callers.
    Account holders can customise their default waiting area view by selecting available patient entry field options. The default view is configured by a clinic administrator and any caller entry information can also be found in Call Activity by clicking on the 3 bars to the right of the caller's card. If you would like to edit which columns you see in in the dashboard view for all callers, follow these steps:
    Your clinic admin will set up the default columns you will see at the waiting area level for each caller.
    In this example we can see Caller name, Participants, Phone number, Medicare Number and Date Of Birth which are all set as the default columns team members will see when they sign in.

    Click on the pen icon to edit the default view for your account, if desired. This edit function is optional and allows you flexibility regarding the clinic waiting area view you prefer,
    Any patient entry fields that have not been set in the default view will show and you can select which columns you would like to see in the caller's cards on the clinic dashboard.
    In this example we have deselected Date Of Birth as we no longer which to see that column. This could help if the view has a lot of columns selected and is crowded.
    Click Save to save that change to your view.

    In this example we no longer see Date of Birth showing in the caller cards as we deselected that column.
    Remember all patient entry fields can also be viewed by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the caller card and selecting Call Activity - so you can decide which fields you would like to see as a column and which ones you are happy to view in Call Activity.

    Please note: you can edit the column view at any time.

    Callers can be sorted by clicking on the arrow next to the columns you have in your waiting area view. All columns have a sort option and this can help you find what you need quickly and easily, even in a busy clinic waiting area. For example you can sort by:
    Status Sorts by the duration the call has been active for
    Caller Name Caller name sorts in alphabetical order. Here is an example:
    Participants Sorts callers by how many participants are in the call
    Phone number Sorts by number
    You can filter by status type to help you navigate the list of callers in the waiting area.
    When you sign in you will see all callers, regardless of their status.
    You can filter (or show) by status as desired. You do this by using the selection boxes to the right of the Search bar.
    In this example we have filtered out On Hold and Being Seen and are only viewing Waiting callers.
    A grey box below the showing caller cards alerts you that some callers are currently filtered out.

    Please note: any filters you apply are only for the view in your account. They will not affect the view of other team members.


    Waiting Area settings

    The section on the right called Waiting Area Settings is where you will find important clinic information.
    Precall test
    You can perform a precall test which will test your network and equipment.
    You can do this when you first start using Video Call and you only need to do another test if you are experiencing issues or if you change your device or modem.
    Share the link to your Waiting Area -
    This is the link your patients/clients need to arrive in your waiting area.
    You can copy the clinic link and paste into an email or patient appointment leaflet, for example.
    You can also send an invitation to the waiting area via email or SMS as outlined below.
    Send an Email or SMS invitation to your waiting area. Click on 'Send an Email or SMS' under Share the link to your Waiting Area and a dialogue box will open. Select either Send Email or Send SMS at the top, type in the required details and click on either Send Email or Send SMS at bottom right (blue button) to send the invitation.
    Please note: the invitation message is default text and can be edited before you send the invitation.

    The email or SMS that the invited person receives contains a link to start a call in the required waiting area.
    Alerts can be set under Your Settings. 
    You can customise how and when you are notified of new callers in the clinic via SMS, Email and Desktop alerts. To configure these click on the down arrow next to each option. Read more:
    Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and receive Waiting Area alerts

    Please note: Setting up alerts is an optional feature that may or may not suit your workflow.
    Waiting Area Hours (expand and collapse this section by clicking on the arrow)
    You can view the clinic’s waiting area hours. You cannot edit the hours here - go to Configure your Clinic Waiting Area to do this if you are a clinic administrator.
    Support - this shows all support contacts for the clinic and, if any have been added at the organisation level, the organisation. This is information only, if you want to edit the support contacts go to the Configure section of the clinic.
    Microphone and Camera - this section allows you to quickly configure the clinic default call setup (calls are joined with the camera on/off, with the mic on/off).

    LHS Clinic name and menu

    The LHS of the dashboard shows the clinic and organisation names and has various other menu items, depending on your role in the clinic.

    If you are a clinic administrator you will see the Configure, Add-ons and Reports buttons shown here. Team members (service providers) do not have access to these functions.

    Please note: if you do not see this grey section to the left of the dashboard, click on the 'hamburger menu' next to the clinic name at the top of the waiting area.
    If you are a team member of more than one clinic, you will see the list of all your clinics in the top left corner by clicking on the downward arrow next to your current clinic name. Your clinics will be listed in alphabetical order and you can access the desired clinic by selecting it from this list.

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