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    Using Video Call group rooms

    What platform role do I need - clinic team member (and invited guests)

    Group rooms are designed for Video Calls that require more that 6 participants, such as group therapy sessions and multidisciplinary consultations. Group rooms enable a group call with up to 20 participants, using minimal bandwidth and processing power. A group room is a unit within the Video Call organisational structure of the clinic, illustrated here.

    Clinic members can enter any clinic Group Room, as long as they have been given permission to use Meeting and Group Rooms by their clinic administrator (Meeting Room access also provides Group Room access). They can invite people to the group call that are not members of the clinic team, for example specialists, doctors from other clinics and patients (if the call will require more that 6 people in total).

    Please note: For health consultations with up to 6 participants you can use the Waiting Area and join a call with your patient/client, then add any other required participants to the call (for example family members, specialists and interpreters). You can also start a Group Call in the waiting area, if preferred, which will give the option for more than 6 participants and the waiting area functionality and flexibility. For meetings with other health service providers, you can either use Meeting Rooms or Group Rooms.

    Attending a group call

    If Group Rooms have been created in a clinic (by the Clinic Admin), Health service providers can set up a group call at any time with other members of their team and can also invite guests who are not members of the clinic. Health service providers may also receive an invitation to attend a group call if the call is happening in another clinic they are not a member of.

    Please click on the headings below to view detailed information:

    Clinic Administrators - Creating and managing Group Rooms

    Clinic administrators can create and manage Group Rooms to suit the needs of their clinic.

    Group Rooms are found in the LHS column of the clinic, under Meeting Rooms. No Group Rooms will be created by default.
    Clinic administrators will see the Create A New Room button under the heading Group Rooms in the LHS column of the clinic. 
    Clicking on Create A New Room brings up this dialogue box where you can name the new Group Room. Then click Add a Group Room to create the room that will then be visible for your team members who have group room access.

    Clinic Administrators - creating invitation templates for group rooms

    Clinic administrators can create Email templates for Group Rooms in the clinic (SMS invitations are not available for group rooms). These can be created to suit the needs of the clinic and  will be available to health service providers when they invite participants to group calls. If no templates are created, the invitations will have the default text (which can be edited before being sent to recipients). 

    To create email templates for Group Rooms:

    To create and edit invitation templates for the clinic, go to Configure > Communication.

    Click on Invitation templates and then click on 

    the +Create button for Email.

    The template creation box will open

    • Give the template a name 
    • Choose Group Room as the Workflow (Email invitations can also be created for other Video Call room invitations and invitations to the Waiting Area)
    • Add an Email subject
    • Type in or paste the invitation template message and click Create when done

    You can create up to five group room templates, as required for the clinic.

    Once created, the templates will be available when staff invite patients to a Group Room.


    Clinic team member: Enter a Group Room and invite guests

    1. In the LHS column of the clinic, under Meeting Rooms, click on the arrow to the right of Group rooms to view the dropdown list of group rooms in your clinic. 
    Click Enter to enter the desired group room.
    If no Group Rooms have been added by your clinic administrator, you will not see any available rooms here.

    Please note: 
    If there are occupants already in a group room, you will see a number to the right of the Enter button for that room. This lets you know if there is already a meeting in progress and perhaps you need to use another group room, if available. If there is no-one in the room the number will show as 0.

    In the second example to the right, one person is already in the group room (highlighted in red).

    Additionally, if a guest has been invited into a meeting, has clicked on the link but is waiting to be accepted into the call , the circle next to Enter changes to an orange colour.
    2. You will enter the group room and see your video feed in the call screen.
    You and any other team members with Group Room access can enter the Group Room at any time without being invited and participate in a Video Call.
    3. To invite someone to a group call who is not a team member of the clinic, click on the Call Manager in the bottom RHS icons (highlighted in red box).
    4. Next click either:
    • Copy link to send the link to the person you would like to invite, OR
    • Invite Participant to invite them into the Group Room directly from the Call Manager via Email or SMS.
    5. When invited people arrive you will see them under Waiting or On-Hold and can accept them into the call.

    Favourite a Group Room

    You can click on the star button next to available group rooms in your clinic to add any frequently used rooms as favourites. This will show the favourite meeting rooms in the LHS section of the waiting area without needing to use the meeting room dropdown to access them and will also bring the favourites to the top of the list in the meeting room dropdown. How to add a group room as a favourite:

    1. In the Waiting Area Dashboard, click on Group Rooms in the LHS column. This displays a list of the group rooms available in the clinic.
    2. Select the group room you would like to add as a favourite and click on the star to the right of that group room.
    In this example Case Conferences has been added as a favourite and will move to the top of the list.
    3. Any group rooms added as favourites will appear in the LHS column without the need to click on the arrow to access the dropdown list of group rooms.

    Call screen design and experience

    Video Calls with multiple participants have a responsive design for participant video feeds, to ensure the best layout available for the screen size of each device. If there are not enough participants to fill a neat grid, they will display neatly with some spaces left available. New participants will always arrive in the spot at second from the bottom right, which means participants in other rows do not rearrange their position.

    Group calls form a neat grid as people arrive in the call.
    Each participant in the call will have a pin when you hover over their screen. Pinning one or more participants will show their video as larger in the call screen and rearrange the other participants for your view.

    In this example other participants have moved to the left of the call screen. If the device screen is wider, other participants may also move to the bottom of the call screen when you pin one or more participants.

    Call Manager functionality in the call

    Hosts of Group Call meetings/consultations have access to the Call Manager which gives various options for managing the call, such as putting a participant on hold within the call and transferring to another room. Please see below for more information.

    When a health service provider accesses a Group Room call in their clinic, they will see the Call Manager button at the bottom right of the call screen (top image). Clicking on the Call Manager button in the call screen gives various options for managing the call, as shown in this example.
    The Call Manager shows:
    • Call Duration
    • Any participants waiting to be accepted into the call
    • Current Participants (shown in this example) - with options for managing each participant in the call.
    • Call Actions 

    Transfer options
    Clicking the  transfer button for a participant allows you to transfer them to an available destination room in the clinic. 
    This could be another group room, meeting room or user room. Select from the available room options, confirm and the participant will be transferred.
    The participant will then be transferred to the selected room and will wait to be accepted into a call in that room. This is what they will see as they wait to be seen.
    Place On-Hold enables you to put the participant on hold in the call.
    • This option will put the participant in their own private waiting room within the current call. They cannot see or hear other participants in the call, so you can have a private discussion with other participants, if required.
    • They will appear under Waiting Or On-Hold in the Call Manager. You can then Accept them back into the call when ready. Please note, you will hear an alert sound indicating that someone is waiting to be let into the call - this sound can be muted by clicking on 'Busy? Mute this caller until you're ready'.


    Attending a Group Room call as a guest

    1. If you were sent an email invitation to attend a group call, simply click the Start the call button in the email.
    If you didn't receive an email invitation, but you are a team member in the clinic holding the meeting, you can sign into your Video Call account, navigate to the clinic where the group call is being held and enter the group room at any time. Please note that you need meeting room access for your account (which also grants access to group rooms).
    2. You will be requested to allow the use of your camera and microphone for this call.
    Click Allow to continue at top left of your screen, as shown in the animation screenshot at right.
    If you do not see the Allow button, you may have blocked your camera or microphone in your browser. Click on view help or visit this page
    3. Next you will be asked to enter your:
    • First and last name
    • Take a photo to introduce yourself, if required by the clinic

    If you have an existing Video Call account you can sign in through the Sign In button at the bottom of the page. 

    Click Continue to proceed
    4. As a guest you will be placed into a call queue until the person who initiated the meeting accepts you into the call.
    You can change the call queue music for yourself, if desired. 
    5. Once you are accepted into the group room you will join the call.

    Send an email invitation to the group room

    Click on the name of the Group Room you would like to invite someone into. 

    You will see options to share the room link and invite people to a Group Room call: 
    Copy Link, Send Invitation and Share.
    Click on Send Invitation
    • Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite. 
    • You can edit the Title Subject) of the email and the email body, if required.
    • Click Send to send the invitation.
    If email templates have been created for group rooms in your clinic, you will see an Invitation field drop-down.

    Select the desired template and your invitation template will display. This can be edited, if required, before sending.

    In this example the Physiotherapy group invitation has been selected.

    Click Send to send the invitation..

    If the invitation is for a particular time, you can schedule by clicking Yes at the bottom left of the window. 

    Enter the details and then click Send to send the invitation.
    You will see this screen. Add the person's email address and you can edit the Title and Message text if desired.
    In this example we are sending an invitation for no particular time so this assumes they will come in once they receive it.
    Click Send to send the invitation.
    When invited people arrive you will need to accept them into the room using the Call Manager and the meeting can begin.
    To send the meeting invitation for a scheduled time, click Yes under 'Should an invitation be sent for a particular time'. This will show scheduling options as shown in this example.
    Select the date, time and duration and then click Send.
    When invited people arrive you will need to accept them into the room and the meeting can begin.

    Click on the Group Room name and select Share for more options

    Click on the name of the Group Room and click on Share
    You will see various options for inviting someone into the Group Room.
    • Click on Share using link - then click on Copy The Link, the link copies to your clipboard and you can add it to an email, messaging app etc to invite a guest.
    • Click on Send invitation to open up the option to email the link (instructions shown above).
    • Launch using a button - Put a customised button on your intranet, for example, so that team members can enter the room from there. You may need your IT department to do this.
    • Embed into a page - use the embed code to embed a link to the meeting room - you may need your webmaster to do this.

    Group Calls Technical Support Information

    Group Calling Topolgy

    Group calls implement a hybrid topology to achieve the participant scale of the group rooms, while retaining our enhanced call features.

    This hybrid topology uses:

    • A star topology using a media server (SFU) for the transfer of audio and video media. Participants in the call establish a single WebRTC connection to the media server, and publish their audio/video streams for other participants to consume, and download other participants audio/video.
    • A mesh topology (P2P) for exchange of application data (such as resources information/file transfer/chat/etc). Each participant creates this connection to each other connection, but no audio/video media is sent.


    Group calls maintain the high security levels healthdirect Video Call already employ. Group rooms use a minimum of AES 128 bit encryption up to 256 bit. For more information on privacy and security, click here.


    For healthdirect Video Call group rooms, the recommended minimum requirements for a group call are as follows:

    • Upload: A minimum of 350kbps upstream bandwidth for sending audio/video
    • Download: A minimum of 350kbps downstream bandwidth for each other participant in the call for receiving audio/video from the media server, using the following formula:
      • Downstream bandwidth required = (n-1) * 350 (where n is the number of participants in the call)
      • e.g. Downstream bandwidth requirements for a call for 10 participants
        • 9 * 350kbps = 3150kbps (~3.1 Mbps)

    Please note, adding content such as sharing will add an additional stream of 350kbps for each participant. 


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