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    Dice and spinner in Resource Toolbar

    These widgets are available when sharing resources such as whiteboards, images, pdfs and screens

    Dice and spinner widgets available for shared resources

    You have the option to add dice and a spinner widgets over most shared resources in Apps & Tools. These animated widgets can easily be added to any call and are found in the Resource Toolbar, allowing the host to seamlessly integrate them into activities like screen sharing or using a whiteboard. 

    Key Features:

    Customisable: Tailor the appearance and function of the Dice and Spinner to suit your session needs using the settings cog below the share widget (only available for hosts in the call).

    Flexible: Add as many widgets as required to enrich your interaction.

    Control Options: Widgets can be easily hidden or locked during sessions to maintain focus and flow using the control buttons below the shared dice or spinner.

    While these tools are perfect for enhancing teletherapy sessions with younger patients, their utility extends to a wide range of health-related interactions. These include educational purposes, cognitive assessments, or just making a routine check-up more engaging for children. Dice and Spinner widgets can add a layer of interaction that can help reduce anxiety and improve patient cooperation.

    Access the widgets in the Resource Toolbar when sharing a resource such as a whiteboard or screen.

    Dice shared in the call - host view with controls and settings icons.


    Clicking on the dice rolls them in the call.


    Spinner shared in the call - host view with controls and settings icons.


    Clicking in the grey circle in the centre spins the spinner.

    Settings options

    Under the shared widget the host in the call has access to four configuration options:


    Lock - locks the spinner so the guest cannot spin from their end. You can lock and unlock as desired

    Hide (eye icon) - hides the spinner or dice from view for any guests

    Settings - see below for the simple configuration options for both widgets.

    Trash - allows you to remove the widget from the call.

    Settings - Spinner

    The settings allow you to choose the number of segments for the spinner.

    Settings  - Dice

    The settings allow you to choose the number of dice that will appear and the colour.

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