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    Send notifications to callers in the waiting area

    How to send notifications to individual callers and/or the displayed list of callers in your waiting area.

    There are a couple of ways to send notification messages to callers in your waiting area. You can notify individual callers as required and you can now also notify all callers or a list of displayed callers filtered by their status in the waiting area. 

    Send a notification an individual patient/client in the Waiting Area 

    To send a notification to an individual waiting patient/client - for example, to let a patient know that their doctor is running late - follow the instructions below:

    1. From your Waiting Area dashboard, select the caller you want to send a notification to and click on the 3 dots to the right of their caller information. Then select Notify.
    2. Type a custom notification to the caller in the dialogue box and click the send icon.
    3. You will see a number in a small blue circle to the right of the 3 dots indicating how many notifications have been sent to that caller.
    4. The caller will receive your notification in their screen while they are waiting.

    Send notification/s to the displayed list of callers in the waiting area

    Please note: notifications are currently only able to be sent to callers who are on the "waiting to be seen" page. A solution is currently being investigated to ensure that notifications can be sent to all callers regardless of their status as outlined below.

    You can send one or more notifications to all the callers in your waiting area or you can filter by status and send to the displayed list:

    To send a notification to multiple callers in the waiting area, click on the Notify button at the top right above the list of callers.

    If you have no filters applied in the waiting area, your notification will go to all callers, irrespective of their status.
    Type in your message and click Send.
    If you apply a filter in the waiting area, for example filter out callers 'being seen', before clicking on the Notify icon, your notification will only go to the displayed callers you can see in your filtered list.

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