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    Getting started with Video Call

    Everything you need to know to get your health service started with Video Call

    Congratulations on registering for the healthdirect Video Call service.

    This page contains information and links to help you customise Video Call to suit your health service and get you started with your first video consultation.

    Use the information and links below to follow the steps to get started using the Video Call service for health consultations with you patients or clients.

    Depending on the way you prefer to learn, you may also like to attend an online training session. See our Training page to find a webinar or video to help familiarise you with the Video Call service.

    Before you start holding healthdirect Video Call consultations, you (or your clinic administrator) can configure your virtual clinic to suit your health service's needs. See below for the steps to get started and the simple essential configuration options:

    Step 1: Pre-call test

    The Video Call pre-call test is a quick and easy way to check check audio, video, browser and internet capability on the device(s) you will use for video telehealth.

    Step 2: Create your account and configure your clinic

    When invited to join a clinic as the clinic administrator, you will receive an email to create your account. Once created, you can configure the clinic to suit your needs.

    Step 3: Getting your patients started with Video Call

    Once your clinic is set up and configured, you can start offering Video Call consultations to your patients or clients.

    Step 4: Conduct a healthdirect Video Call consultation

    Start sending your clinic link to patients, clients and any other required participants and join them in health consultations.

    General information about Video Call and how it is different to other video conferencing and video telehealth services.

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