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    Starter guide introduction

    For organisations first setting up Video Call to enable telehealth

    Congratulations on registering for the healthdirect Video Call service.

    This guide will help you customise Video Call to suit your health service and get you started with your first video consultation.

    You can download or print a pdf of this Video Call Starter guide (165kb).

    Before you can hold a healthdirect Video Call consultation you (or your clinic administrator) need to configure your clinic. But before you configure anything, it is best to read the information in this starter guide about what you should consider. At the end of each section there is a link to step-by-step instructions for each area you need to configure. 

    Depending on the way you prefer to learn, you may also like to attend a webinar.

    Step 1: Pre-call test

    Step 2: Create your account and configure your practice

    Step 3: Getting your patients started with Video Call

    Step 4: Conduct a healthdirect Video Call consultation

    General Information about Video Call and why it is different

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