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    Step 2: Create your account and configure your clinic

    Make Video Call reflect your practice

    When you are invited to join a clinic in Video Call you will receive an email to create your account. Click on the ‘Create your account’ button in your registration email and you will be taken to a page that asks for your name (this will appear on your account so please use you own name) and for you to set up your personal password – it must have at least 13 characters but there are no rules around letters, numbers or special characters. 

    Please note: It is best practice to have your account set up with your own email address rather than a generic address. This way you have control over your account and can reset your password at any time, if required. If you use a shared generic email address, when you see patients the name associated with that email address account will be the one that appears in your screen. You can use a personal email address to set up your account if you don't have a specific work email address.

    Don’t forget to save the sign in page to your ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favourites’ so it’s easy to sign in every day.

    After signing in, you will be in your virtual waiting area (but there will be no-one waiting yet if your clinic has just been set up). On the left-hand side there is a dark-grey panel with a small triangle indicating that you are in the waiting area. If you click on ‘Configure’ (underneath waiting area) it will take you to a new page where you will see the seven sections that you can configure across the top of the page – Clinic, Team Members, Add-ons, Call Interface, Call Quality, Waiting Area, Waiting Music and Joining A Call. 

    It is not essential that you set up all these sections before your first Video Call. In case you’re in a hurry we’ve categorised these as:

    • essential configuration tasks – clinic, team members, waiting area
    • optional configuration tasks – add-ons, call interface, call quality, waiting music.

    Essential configuration tasks for Clinic Administrators


    The ‘Clinic name’ and ‘Unique domain’ are already prepopulated from the information you provided in the registration form. You can change them if you wish. Your unique domain is part of the web link that you will send to patients so they can have a Video Call consultation. You should not change your unique domain after you have started making Video Call appointments. If you change anything make sure you click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

    You can add your logo (if you want to) so that it appears on your waiting area or you can do this later.

    It is advisable to add a support contact (this may be your receptionist or practice manager) so that your GPs or patients can contact someone if they are having difficulties with Video Call. These details will appear on the GP’s computer screen and in the waiting area. You can add one support contact for all situations or add one for GPs and a different one for patients. 

    See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to configure your clinic.

    Team members

    This is where you will add the GPs and any admin staff so they can use Video Call. Permissions are pre-selected for waiting areas, meeting rooms and user rooms (see information about room types) for each different role type. We suggest you de-select ‘user rooms’ as these are not necessary to consult with a patient and often cause confusion.

    GPs and receptionists should be set up as ‘team members’. Don’t forget to set up at least one other person as an ‘administrator’ in case you are on leave. 

    See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to configure team members.

    After you have added in all team members, make sure each person logs in, sets their 13-character password and edits their profile to include a photo or change their name, username, email address or password.

    Waiting area

    General configuration – make sure you select the correct ‘Timezone’ – scroll down the dropdown list to ‘Australia’ and select the timezone that matches where you are located.

    Share waiting area – there are different ways to provide your patients with entry to your waiting area – you can send them a weblink or send them to your website where they click on a button.

    Waiting area hours – don’t put your usual practice hours in the waiting area hours before considering when Video Call will be used. If GPs are likely to use Video Call after hours or on the weekend then it is best to set the waiting area hours as 24/7 access (to do this make every day start at 00 00 and finish at 24 00). If the waiting area is closed, Video Call cannot be used for a consultation. If your practice closes at 5pm but your GPs regularly work until 6 or 7pm, then it is best to have your Video Call waiting area close at 7pm or later to accommodate any consultations that go over time.

    Supporting information for callers – information that your patients will see when they are on a Video Call (such as your privacy policy or terms of service). Some of these fields default to healthdirect Video Call policies so check that these align to your own policies or change or delete the links.

    Patient entry fields – these are fields that patients will be asked to complete when they log in for a Video Call consultation. Video Call always asks patients for their first name and last name (so you don’t need to configure this). In this section you add other fields for patients to complete. A field for phone number is already set up but you can remove it if it is not required. Also consider if you want to add new fields for Medicare consent or their Medicare number.

    Automated messages – can be sent to patients after they enter the Video Call waiting area. You don’t have to include any automated messages but consider a welcome message or a message after 10 minutes (600 seconds) apologising for the delay. You can also send your own personalised notifications from the waiting area dashboard.

    See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to configure all sections of your waiting area

    You can now start holding healthdirect Video Calls or continue configuring the ‘Optional configuration tasks’. If you want to start making calls, go to Step 3: Getting your patients started with Video Call and Step 4: Conduct a healthdirect Video Call.

    Optional configuration tasks


    There is a range of pre-installed add-ons that provide powerful features and extensions to Video Call. See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to customise these add-ons.

    Call interface

    You can configure Video Call to reflect your corporate branding with colours and a logo. See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to configure your call interface.

    Call quality

    You only need to configure the call quality if you are noticing issues with your call quality. See step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for how to configure your call quality.

    Waiting music

    There are six different styles of music that you can choose for your waiting area. The default is ‘Jazz & Blues’ but you can easily change that through the dropdown list. Your patients will hear the music when they are in the waiting area – each patient can also change the music to suit their taste while they wait. 

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