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    Video Call App Marketplace

    Browse and request additional Video Call applications for your clinic/s

    The Video Call App Marketplace, powered by Coviu, is available to healthdirect Video Call users. Organisation and clinic administrators can browse the marketplace and request the apps they would like to be added to their clinic/s. Apps are optional modules you can add to your clinics that extend the functionality and workflow capabilities of the clinic, if desired.

    These additional apps are not part of the main Video Call platform and are available to procure through the App Marketplace. The support and relationship for these additional apps will be maintained between Coviu, the App Provider and the Health Organisation or clinic administrator requesting the application/s.

    To see the available apps and request an app to be added to your clinic(s) please click here

    Please note: After selecting the desired application/s in the request form, please scroll to the end of the form to add your details and submit your request by clicking the blue submit button.

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