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    Coming Soon to healthdirect Video Call

    Find out what is coming soon to Video Call - including added functionality and design updates

    Coming soon to healthdirect Video Call:

    Group Room enhancements

    We will soon be introducing further functionality enhancements to video calls in Group Rooms. Group Rooms were recently introduced to the Video Call service and allow up to 20 participants to join a call. These enhancements will include the capability for a host to mute other participants in the call and will allow participants to raise their hand. Group Calls will be added as an option in the Waiting Area once the enhancements have been made.

    New Pre-call Screen for health service providers (coming early 2023)

    In preparation for virtual blurred background, there will soon be a new pre-call screen for Video Call account holders once they click the Join button to join a patient or client. This modal will allow the host to check their device settings prior to the consultation starting, including mic, camera and speaker selections. You will be able to mute your mic, turn off or switch your camera prior to entering the call should you desire.

    You will also see a preview of your video feed and can select the level of blur in your background, when this becomes available in the future, before joining the call with your patient or client.

    This example shows the screen presented to health service providers once they click to Join a call. You can check or change your device settings by clicking on the mic, camera and switch camera icons.

    Please note: while you are on this screen your patient will be waiting in the call until you click on Join Call.

    Two-way communication for on hold callers (coming on 14th December)

    We will soon be introducing two-way communication for patients/clients that have been joined in a call and then put on hold for another health service provider to join them. While waiting on hold they will be able to see notifications from the clinic and will also be able to send messages to the clinic if Enable Guest Notification Messages is enabled by the clinic administrator.

    To enable this functionality for on hold patients/clients, health service providers/administrators who initially join the call before putting the person on hold can follow these steps:

    Join the call with the patient or client. When ready to put the caller on hold, click on the Call Manager.
    In the Call Manager drawer, select On-Hold under Current Participants. This puts the caller on hold in the current call.
    Next, click the hang-up button and select Leave Call. Once you leave the call the caller will see the correct on-hold screen and will show as on hold in the waiting area.

    The caller will see messages sent by the clinic, and can also send messages back to the clinic if Enable Guest Notification Messages is enabled in the clinic by the clinic administrator. 

    Click here and look under General Configuration for more information about enabling Guest Notification Messages.

    Mute participants and expand functionality (coming on 14th December)

    We will soon be introducing the capability for health service providers who join a call with other participants (the host of the call) to mute other participants in the call. When the host hovers over a participant's screen, they can click on the mute button that appears and click the confirmation to mute that participant. The participant will then be able to unmute themselves, as required. The current speaker icons in the top left corner of each participant screen will be removed with this update to the call screen.

    There will also be expand functionality, giving all participants in a call the capability to make another participant screen larger for their view. Once the screen has expanded the button will change to inward facing arrows and clickingthis will reduce the participant's screen size down again. This replaces the currently functionality where clicking on a participant's screen makes it larger. 

    This example image shows the mute and expand functionality available for hosts in a video call. These buttons appear when the host hovers over a participant's video feed (or when they tap the screen if participating in the Video Call on a mobile device).

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