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    Configure your basic Clinic settings

    Edit your clinic name or unique domain, add a clinic logo and add telehealth support contact details

    This page show you how to configure the following elements of your clinic:

    • Clinic name
    • Unique domain
    • Add a logo
    • Support contacts

    Configure your clinic settings - Org Admin or Team Admin roles can do this.

    From your Clinics or Organisation page, select the clinic that needs to be configured.
    Note, if you have only 1 clinic, you will be taken straight to your clinic waiting area dashboard.
    From your Clinic waiting area page click on Configure.
    Click on the Clinic tab

    Edit your Clinic name

    You can change the name of the clinic here at any time, however it is usually named correctly when it is created. If the name of your service changes, you can reflect that here.

    Click on Save at bottom right of the Clinic config tab to apply any changes made.
    Edit your Unique domain
    When you create a clinic, the unique domain is the same as the name of your clinic. Changing the unique domain will change part of the URL (clinic link) for the clinic – e.g. to make it shorter.
    Please note: if updated any previous clinic links sent out to patients will no longer work, and will need to be resent.

    Once any changes to the unique domain are saved, the clinic URL will be updated in the Share the link to your waiting area section in your clinic dashboard (the link you send to patients).
    Add a Logo
    Upload a logo for your clinic. This logo will appear for the caller on their screen while they are waiting to be seen. Please note this is not the logo that shows at the bottom of the call screen when you are in a Video Call (which is configured under the Call Interface tab). The maximum file size is 5MB.

    Please note, if your logo will not upload please check these file specifications: The pixel size has a maximum height of 36 pixels with the width maximum being 138 pixels. Please ensure that the logo is not more than 3.8x wider than the height.
    Click to navigate to your saved logo
    The logo uploads - click save to save changes.
    Add one or more support contacts for your clinic.

    Click on ‘+ Add’ to add a new support contact.

    Click on New Support Contact to fill in the support details. You can add a label for each contact, eg Telehealth Support Contact. You can view any support contact by clicking on their label. You can remove support contacts by clicking on Remove at the bottom of their details box.

    Click on ‘Add’ to add another new support contact if desired.

    Please note: If any Support Contacts have been added at the organisational level they will filter down to all clinics and you will see them in your clinic waiting area on the right, under the heading Staff Support Contact (Organisation).
    Remember to click Save after you have made changes to any of the clinic fields on this page.

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