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    Patient appointment flyer with QR Code

    Generate appointment flyers for your patients in English and translated languages

    healthdirect Video Call has developed a QR Code generator to make it easier for your patients/clients to access your clinic waiting area on a mobile device. In addition to this you can also generate a version of our patient appointment flyer which will include the name of your clinic, the clinic link for patients and a QR Code using the patient flyer generation tool below.

    Simply fill in the details in the boxes and these details will be added to the editable fields in the generated patient appointment flyer:

    • Enter Clinic Name: Enter the name of your clinic so your patients know which health service they have an appointment with.
    • Enter Clinic Link: Add the clinic link for your patients to copy and paste into their browser and to also generate your clinic link QR Code
    • Enter More Information: If you would like to add more information for your patients/clients, fill in this section and the text will be added at the bottom left of the flyer. This field is optional.
    • Choose Language: Choose from the available list of languages. We will add more translated languages as they become available.

    To generate your patient appoint flyer please fill in the details below and then click on Download/Print Flyer.

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