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    Using healthdirect Video Call

    Information and links to guide RACF staff through the process of using Video Call for telehealth

    Once your RACF is set up with a Video Call clinic and the clinic administrator has added the required staff as team members, you are ready to familiarise them with Video Call and begin offering telehealth consultations for your residents. 

    Watch the video for RACF staff assisting residents to attend a video consultation:


    Here is the link to the video so you can share it with your staff.

    Video Call user guides and information

    The following links will equip your RACF staff with the information they need to effectively and confidently use Video Call for video telehealth. Remember that we can assist every step of the way so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to organise training for your team.

    Signing in to Video Call

    This downloadable PDF takes you through the simple Video Call sign in process for account holders.

    Send an invitation to the RACF clinic waiting area

    This downloadable PDF outlines the various ways you can invite health service providers and other participants to your clinic waiting area, where they can be joined in a Video Call consultation.

    The Clinic Waiting Area Dashboard

    This downloadable PDF outlines the main features of the virtual clinic waiting area, where RACF staff will join calls with health service providers and other participants. 
    Joining a Video Call

    This downloadable PDF shows the steps for joining a call in the clinic waiting area.
    Multiple participant workflows

    This downloadable PDF outlines how to invite multiple participants to a Video Call consultation.
    Sharing an image or PDF into a Video Call

    This page outlines the options for sharing resources into your Video Call and focusses on how to share an Image or PDF with other participants.
    Sharing a medical scope or probe into a call
    This page outlines compatible medical devices, including scopes and probes, that can be shared into a Video Call for clinical review and diagnosis. If the RACF has these available, the nurse assisting the patient can use them in the Video Call.
    Telehealth Tips

    These video telehealth dos and don'ts will help ensure your residents get the most out of their Video Call consultations and that RACF staff can assist with making the process simple and effective.

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