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    Organisational structure within Video Call

    Who this page is for - Organisation and Clinic Administrators in the Video Call platform

    This page explains how the different units in Video Call - Organisations, Clinics, Waiting Areas and Meeting Rooms - work, how they are defined, and how they relate to one another.

    Example of how Organisations, Clinics, Waiting Areas, Meeting Rooms and Group Rooms are structured


    • Organisation - an administrative unit made up of a Clinic, or a group of Clinics. A hospital or medical centre might be represented by an Organisation, which can be grouped together using separate clinics.
    • Clinic - made up of a single Waiting Area and/or Meeting Room(s). There may be one or more Clinics grouped together under an Organisation. A Clinic might be a department, a specialist area (eg, renal, physio, cardiology), or a GP practice, for example.
    • Waiting Area - the virtual space where patients wait for a consultation to begin with their provider. A Waiting Area is set up by an Administrator, and grouped under an Organisation. Waiting areas mimic the workflow of a physical clinic and each patient waits in their own private video room to be seen. Team members can see all patients in the waiting area, patients can only see their own private virtual room. For more information about Waiting Areas, click here.
    • Meeting Room - a video room that signed-in providers can use to interact with one another. Providers are granted access to Meeting Rooms by Administrators. Meeting Rooms (along with a single Waiting Area) are grouped under Organisations. For more information regarding Meeting Rooms, click here.
    • Group Room - A video room that can facilitate call with up to 20 participants. For use if more that 6 participants will be in the call. For more information regarding Group Rooms, click here.

    It is important to note that there can be only 1 Waiting Area per clinic.

    Hospital structure example diagram


    Video Call representation of Organisation and Clinic structures

    It can be helpful to think of the physical structures in place in health organisations, for example hospitals, medical centres and mental health services, when visualising how the elements of the Video Call service work and relate to one another.


    This single clinic shows how Video Call clinics are structured, visualising how they relate to a physical clinic set up and workflow.

    It is important to note that Video Call is private and secure, so while clinic team members can see callers in the waiting area, patients and clients wait in their own private video room to be seen, so they cannot see one another's details.

    Clinic administrators can also create one or more meeting rooms for their clinic and give access to team members to attend meetings, for example team meetings and case conferences. Meeting rooms added to the clinic can be accessed from the LHS column in the clinic.

    Please note: Meeting rooms are not designed for health consultations with patients and clients. The clinic waiting area has functionality and workflows designed for consultations. Click here for more information regarding the difference between meetings rooms and waiting areas.


    This is a representation of a hospital with many specialties and clinics, showing how Video Call relates to a physical hospital set up and workflows.

    Health service providers, admin and reception staff can transfer patients between clinics they have access to, which enhances appointment workflows.


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