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    Getting Started with healthdirect Video Call

    How to get set up with a Video Call clinic and prepare to start using telehealth

    Getting started with healthdirect Video Call is simple and you can use the information on this page to get prepared to make Video Call appointments for your residents. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Need a virtual clinic set up for your RACF?

    Residential Aged Care Facilities are eligible for a Video Call clinic, funded by the Commonwealth Government. When you request a clinic, we will create a virtual clinic for your facility, add the requested administrator/s who will receive an email to set up their account and provide you with onboarding and training materials. 

    Example of an RACF virtual clinic waiting area

    There are a couple of ways you can request an Video Call clinic to be created for your facility: 

    1. Contact your local PHN 
    2. Contact the Video Call team directly:

    RACF staff Video Call accounts

    Once your clinic is set up, the clinic administrator can add staff members using their email addresses or by creating an email address for each device that your service will be using for video telehealth. The invitation email will be sent to the nominated email addresses and the account can then be created by the user who can add their name and create a password.

    Click here for more information about creating accounts and signing in to Video Call.

    RACF equipment recommendations

    Purchasing and setting up equipment to use for video consultations in your facility can be kept simple and cost effective. Click here to access our cost effective equipment recommendations that will work really well in an RACF setting. Remember that your PHN can provide support to get you started using video telehealth.


    RACF workflow examples

    Telehealth can work in a number of ways in your facility. You may be used to receiving appointment links from health service providers such as GPs or specialists. This is a common workflow in Aged Care settings and uses the telehealth platform the clinician chooses. 

    There is also an option for the RACF to have their own telehealth virtual clinic and they can then control the appointments by sending the clinic link to the clinician. Having the ability to use both options will allow you to maximise your opportunities for video telehealth appointments.

    To minimise disruption to your existing workflows, appointments should continue to be made in the same way you do for face-to-face appointments, and you simply decide whether you will use the clinician’s telehealth system or your own.

    The illustrations below compare the two workflow options: 

    1. Telehealth initiated by the external health Service provider:

    The clinician makes the appointment and sends their telehealth clinic link. The resident then uses the link to join the clinic waiting area with the assistance of support staff.

    Appointments Set by external clinician and link sent to RACF
    Adding family members, carer, interpreter, etc...
    RACF advises external clinician to invite others
    Staffing resource
    Admin for appointments / support staff for appointment
    Internet and suitable device

    2. Telehealth Initiated by the RACF

    The RACF co-ordinator sends their telehealth link to the external clinician, and any of else they would like to join the call. The resident joins with the assistance of RACF support staff.

    PLEASE NOTE : this workflow can also be used to invite family members, other clinicians, interpreters, social workers etc into a Video Call when the external clinician is visiting your facility in person. This makes it much easier to coordinate appointments that require multiple participants.

    This short animation illustrates the workflow for an Aged Care Home with their own Video Call clinic:

    Set by RACF coordinator/staff and link sent to external clinician
    Adding family members, carer, interpreter, etc... 
    RACF invites all parties before or during the call
    Staffing resource
    Admin for appointments / support staff for appointment
    Internet and suitable device

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