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    Whitelisting Healthdirect Video Call

    Ensure your organisation firewalls allow access to healthdirect Video Call

    Instruct your organisation’s IT Department to ‘whitelist’ Video Call email addresses, web servers and check Network settings

    Email addresses to whitelist

    Ensure that the email addresses from Healthdirect Australia have been whitelisted (allowed through the firewalls) by your IT department as emails will be sent to all users to successfully change their passwords.

    • * and
    • *

    Example of email sources:


    Web servers to whitelist

    Ensure that the webservers for Healthdirect Australia have been whitelisted:

    •  * and
    • * web servers

    Network Settings to allow Video Calls in the Health Service Network

    Check with your IT department that the network rules (if you are a hospital or large health organisation) are maintained as below:

    • Protocol: UDP
    • Destination Port: open 3478
    • Allow STUN/TURN Server URL:

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