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    Using Video Call meeting rooms

    What platform role do I need - clinic team member (and invited guests)

    Meetings are video calls held in a clinic meeting room with other health service providers. They are different to a Video Call consultation with your patients which takes place in the Clinic Waiting Area. Multiple callers can easily access a meeting room at one time - you can have a maximum of 6 participants in a video call meeting room. If you're a clinic team member you can access the meeting rooms at any time and you can meet with fellow signed in team members and also invite guests. You may also be invited to a meeting as a guest in a clinic you are not a member of, in which case you'll receive an invitation to attend. 

    Attending a meeting

    You can set up a meeting in one of your clinic meeting rooms at any time with other members of your team and invite guests who are not members of your clinic. You may also receive an invitation to attend a meeting.

    Please click on the headings below to view detailed information:

    Clinic team member: enter a meeting room and invite guests

    1. Click on the arrow to the right of Meeting rooms to view the dropdown list of meeting rooms in your clinic. Click Enter to enter the desired meeting room.

    Please note: 
    If there are occupants already in a meeting room, you will see a number to the right of the Enter button for that room. This lets you know if there is already a meeting in progress and perhaps you need to use another meeting room - if there is no-one in the room the number will show as 0.

    Additionally, if a guest has been invited into a meeting, has clicked on the link and is waiting to be accepted into the meeting room, the circle next to Enter changes to an orange colour.

    Meeting Room with 1 participant 

    2. You will enter the meeting room and see your image in the call screen.
    You and any other signed in team members with Meeting Room access can enter the meeting room at any time without being invited and conduct your meeting.

    3. To invite someone who is not a team member of the clinic, click on the Call Manager in the bottom RHS icons 

    Then click either:
    • Copy link to send the link to the person you would like to invite, OR
    • Invite Participant to invite them into the meeting room directly from the Call Manager.
    When invited people arrive you will see them under Waiting or On-Hold and can accept them into the meeting room.

    Favourite a meeting room

    You can click on the star button next to available meeting rooms in your clinic to add any frequently used meeting rooms as favourites. This will show the favourite meeting rooms in the LHS section of the waiting area without needing to use the meeting room dropdown to access them and will also bring the favourites to the top of the list in the meeting room dropdown. How to add a meeting room as a favourite:

    1. In the Waiting Area Dashboard, click on Meeting Rooms in the LHS column. This displays a list of the meeting rooms available in the clinic.
    2. Select the meeting room you would like to add as a favourite and click on the star to the right of that meeting room.
    In this example Heart Health has been added as a favourite and will move to the top of the list.
    3. Any meeting rooms added as favourites will appear in the LHS column without the need to click on the arrow to display the list of meeting rooms.

    Attending a meeting as a guest

    1. If you were sent an email invitation to attend a meeting, simply click the Start the call button in the email.

    If you didn't receive an email invitation, but you are a team member in the clinic holding the meeting, you can l sign into your Video all account, navigate to the clinic where the meeting is being held and enter the meeting room at any time. Please note that you need to meeting room access for your account.
    2. You will be requested to allow the use of your camera and microphone for this meeting.
    Click Allow to continue at top left of your screen, as shown in the animation screenshot at right.

    If you do not see the Allow button, you may have blocked your camera or microphone in your browser. Click on view help or visit:
    3. Next you will be asked to enter your:
    • First and last name: Last name may be required or mandatory, depending on the requirements of the clinic.
    • Take a photo: To introduce yourself, if required by the clinic.

    If you have an existing Video Call account you can sign in through the Sign In button at the bottom of the page. 

    Click Continue to proceed
    4. As a guest you will be placed into a call queue until the person who initiated the meeting accepts you into the call.

    You can change the call queue music for yourself, if desired. 
    5. Once you are accepted into the meeting room your video call will start.


    Click on the Meeting Room name and send an email invitation

    Click on the name of the meeting room you would like to invite someone into.

    You will see options to enter the meeting room, Send Invitation and Share.

    Click on Send Invitation

    You will see this screen. Add the person's email address and you can edit the Title and Message text if desired.

    In this example we are sending an invitation for no particular time so this assumes they will come in once they receive it.

    Click Send to send the invitation.

    When invited people arrive you will need to accept them into the room using the Call Manager and the meeting can begin.

    To send the meeting invitation for a scheduled time, click Yes under 'Should an invitation be sent for a particular time'. This will show scheduling options as shown in this example.

    Select the date, time and duration and then click Send.

    When invited people arrive you will need to accept them into the room and the meeting can begin.

    Click on the Meeting Room name and select Share for more options

    Click on the name of the Meeting Room and click on Share
    You will see various options for inviting someone into the meeting room.
    • Click on Copy the link - the link copies to your clipboard and you can add it to an email, messaging app etc to invite a guest.
    • Click on Send invitation to open up the option to email the link (instructions shown above).
    • Launch using a button - Put a customised button on your intranet, for example, so that team members can enter the room from there. You may need your IT department to do this.
    • Embed into a page - use the embed code to embed a link to the meeting room - you may need your webmaster to do this.


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