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    Changing your background in Video Call

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    Virtual and blurred backgrounds can be useful to present a more professional look or added privacy during your Video Call. This can be especially useful if you are joining a call from a public space or working from home and want other participants to focus on you, not your background.

    If you would like to have a virtual background when using Video Call you are currently able to use one of the third party applications outlined below. Our team has tested two  applications, ChromaCam and XSplit VCam, and they work well. To use either of these, or a similar application, on your work computer you will need permission from your organisation to download and install applications. The free version of both of the applications outlined on this page work well but you will have a logo as part of your image, which may not be ideal. If your organisation decides to purchase a subscription, this unlocks more functionality and the logo will no longer appear.

    It is important for health organisations to ensure appropriate guidelines around using third party applications with Video Call.

    Please click on the desired application to read more:


    This tool is easy to download, install, configure, and start using.

    Please check with your IT department to allow downloading of the application on the desktop.

    Download and install ChromaCam on your PC
    This application performs all video processing directly on your PC and does not transfer the video stream beyond the boundary of your PC so should not present security issues.
    Once installed, open the ChromaCam application and select the camera you will be using to conduct your Video Calls.
    Choose a background in the ChromaCam application - please ensure you use a background that is plain and professional as some of them are loud, colourful and possibly not appropriate for a clinical consultation (depending on your clinic and your client base).
    Please note: With the free version some backgrounds are locked and you will also have the ChromaCam logo appear during your Video Call.
    When you join a Video Call with a patient/client go to Settings in the call screen and select ChromaCam as your camera. Remember that you have already set the desired camera to work with the ChromaCam application and your preferred background before participating in your Video Call.
    Please Note: you can go back to the ChromaCam App at any time and select a different camera (if available) and background, even while your Video Call is in progress.
    The ChromaCam background will not have an impact on the receiving end (other participant/s), even with poor internet connectivity, as it will consume a similar amount of data as it would without ChromeCam. Using a plain background instead of an image can help as this results in less coded bits for your shared video image.

    XSplit VCam

    This tool is easy to download, install, configure, and start using.

    Please check with your IT department to allow downloading of the application on the desktop.

    Below is the XSplit VCam feature set available in the free version:

    1.         Blur Background

    2.         Remove background

    3.         Custom Image background that can be uploaded

    4.         Image enhancements like Zoom, Enhance Lighting, Auto Framing, Enable HD

    5.         Users can choose different quality settings.

    Download From:

    Minimum Requirements:

    Once you have downloaded and installed XSplit VCam:

    • Use Blur slider to put blur effects on your background.
    • Select one of the background images from templates to use it as your background.
    • Upload your own image by clicking on Add New Background.
    • Use Auto Framing to ensure you are always in the centre of the frame.
    • Use Zoom slider to zoom in/out.
    • Use these image enhancements tools to make your video display as required

    Coming Soon: Virtual background options in the Video Call service 

    We will soon be releasing the capability to use blurred and virtual backgrounds in the Video Call service, which can be selected from the Settings section of the Video Call screen. This will remove the need to use a third party application for changing your background when using our service. 

    To use the Virtual Background feature, coming soon to healthdirect Video Call:

    Join a call with a patient or client and click on the Settings cog, at the bottom left of the call screen. Then click on Select background in the Settings drawer. No blur or virtual background applied'
    There are 3 levels of Blur to choose from:
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy

    Choose the desired level of blur and your background will update in the Video Call screen.

    Medium blur background selected in the Video Call screen
    Virtual backgrounds
    There are 4 virtual backgrounds to choose from, Virtual Background 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Choose the desired background and this will be applied in the Video Call screen.

    Please note: The background image shown here is an example only and the Video Call virtual backgrounds will be updated to simple, clean designs before the release of this feature.
    Close the Settings drawer once you have selected the desired virtual background. This setting will be remembered for subsequent Video Calls and you can change your selection at any time during a call (including selecting None to remove the virtual background). Light blur selected and Settings Drawer closed

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