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    Lock/Unlock a Video Call

    Lock a Video Call for extra privacy and security, if enabled in your clinic.

    For added privacy and security you are able to lock the call screen after joining your patient in a Video Call. The lock feature ensures that no other team member can join the call from the clinic waiting area page. This feature is set at the clinic level and clinic administrators can decide whether or not to make the the lock call function available for the clinic.

    Please see below for lock/unlock functionality.

    Your clinic administrator will turn on the lock functionality for your clinic if required. If you are a Clinic administrator go to: Configure > Waiting Area > Call locks. Click the button to enable/disable call locking in the clinic.
    Then clinic Save.

    Individual clinicians can then decide whether or not to lock a call once they join the patient. 
    Once you join a call you will see the lock button at the bottom of the call screen.
    Click the lock button to lock the call.

    Once the call is locked, no-one else will be able to join from the waiting area. The lock icon will change to a locked padlock in the call screen.

    You can lock or unlock a call at any time during the consultation. The caller will see a message alerting them that the call is lock or unlocked.

    Please note: If you invite someone into the call using Call Manager they will come directly into the call as they normally would, even if the call is locked.
    When a locked call is in progress, the call  will show as a Locked Call in the Waiting Area, so no-one else can join the call (the Locked call button will be grey in colour for all other team members to indicate they cannot interact with that call).
    You are still able to add a participant to the call from the waiting area if desired. 

    Please note, If you transfer a locked call using Call Manager, when the call transfers it will remain locked. The locked call will show in the new waiting area.

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