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    Edit your user profile (including password reset)

    What Video Call platform role do I need - All signed-in users

    Edit your platform profile name, picture, email address and reset your password, if desired.

    Editing your profile

    In the upper right corner next to your picture, click on the arrow next to your name and select Edit Your Profile from the dropdown menu.

    In this section you can:
    • add or change your profile picture - you will need a picture ready to go so you can navigate to it and upload.
    • edit your name and email address if required
    • Add a mobile number, if desired.
    • Add or change your username - this appears in your room URL as a personalised web address when you send invitations to your User Room (if applicable in your clinic workflow).

    • Add a Display name (this will show in the Video Call screen and in any invitations you send to the Waiting Area). 

    Please note: This setting is at the clinic level so you will need to add a Display Name for other clinics you are a member of, if desired.

    • Reset your password
    • Type in your old password and then a new password. Confirm the new password and then click on Update Password.
    Click Save to apply changes once you have entered/amended your details.

    Please note: if you change your password and the passwords don't match when you confirm the new password, you will see a warning you that there is an issue, as shown in this example.

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