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    Add participants to your current Video Call

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Team member, Team Administrator, Organisation Administrator

    Why do I need to add additional participants into a Video Call?

    You may want to add a patient’s family member (who is at a different location to the patient), an interpreter, general practitioner or a patient’s carer into the current consultation. You can have a maximum of 6 participants in a standard Video Call and up to 20 in a Group Video Call.

    There are two ways to add participants to a call: add a person to the call from the waiting area, including another waiting area you are a team member in, or invite a participant into your current call using the Call Manager.

    Add a user from the waiting area:

    You can add another participant to your call from the same waiting area your call is being conducted in, or if you have access to more than once clinic, you can add a participant waiting in another clinic. Click on the desired option below for more details:

    From the same clinic waiting area as your patient/client in the call

    While in a Video Call you can add a waiting caller from your clinic’s waiting area by navigating back to the waiting area (open in a separate browser tab or window). You will see that all other callers in the waiting area will have an Add button in their caller card when you are in a call. Locate the caller you want to add and click the Add button.
    A confirmation message will pop up letting you know who will be added to your current call. Clicking Add to Call in the confirmation box will bring the selected caller into your current Video Call. Return to the Video Call screen to continue the call.

    From another clinic waiting area you have access to

    While in a Video Call you can add a waiting caller from another waiting area you have access to. Firstly, navigate back to the waiting area dashboard which will be open in a separate browser tab or window. You will see that all other callers in the waiting area have an Add button while you are in a call.
    To add a person waiting in another clinic waiting area where you are a team member, click on the clinic dropdown next to your clinic name. 
    You will see the clinics you are a member on, in the dropdown list.
    From this list, select the clinic where the person you would like to add to the call is waiting. This will navigate you to that clinic waiting area.
    Locate the person you would like to add to the call and click on the Add button for that caller. 
    confirmation screen will appear and once you confirm, this will add the person to your current call.
    Navigate back to your call screen, which is open in a separate browser tab or window, and continue with the call. There will now be 3 people in your current video call.

    Invite a participant to your current call using the Call Manager:

    1. While in a video call you can invite another participant directly into the video call. Click on Call Manager at the bottom right of your call screen.
    2. Click on the Invite Participant button, under Call Actions.
    3. The invitation modal opens. There are several options for sending the invitation to the call:
    • Send email invitation
    • Send SMS invitation
    • Send both email and SMS invitation simultaneously

    This image shows the default view when the modal opens.

    4. To send via SMS and/or Email:
    From: Your name, or display name if you have added one for your account, will display here. You can change this name before sending, if desired.
    Guest name: Add the name of the person you are inviting. This name will show in their video feed when they arrive in the call.
    Send email / Send SMS: Select your desired option(s). In this example we have selected both Email and SMS and can add the email address and phone number.
    The invitation message includes the name in the From field and also the name of the clinic. 

    Please note: If SMS is selected, the invitation message cannot be edited and will be greyed out.

    Click on Send to send the invitation.
    5. If you only select to send via email, add their email address and you are able to edit the default invitation message, before pressing Send. 

    In this example you can see that the Message is not greyed out and can be edited as required.
    5. The invited person will receive an email and/or SMS (based on your invitation method) with a Start the call button that will bring them directly into your current video call.

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