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    Clinic reports

    What platform role do I need - Organisation or Clinic Administrator

    There are three reports administrators can run and download at the clinic level: Service Providers, Meeting and User Room Calls and Waiting Area Consultations. These reports allow you to access the reporting data for your clinic in each of these categories. To access and run Clinic Reports:

    1. Clinic and Organisation Admins sign into Video Call and navigate to the required clinic. Then clinic on Reports.
    2. Set the:
    • date range
    • timezone
    • minimum consultation duration
    for the report

    By default, the reports for the current month (first of the month to the current date) will be displayed.
    Please note: data will run as far back as August 28th, 2019
    3. Click Generate to generate reports based on the parameters you have set.

    4. If you have selected a date range of < 2 months, a summary of all the reports for your organisation will be represented in the summary tiles.  

    These are organised into 2 categories:

    • Roles
      • Service Providers
    • Activities
      • Meeting and User Room Calls
      • Waiting Area Consultations
    Each of the 3 tiles has a related, detailed report that you can download as an Excel spreadsheet from the platform, or click Email to have the report link emailed to you.
    5. If you have selected a date range of > 2 months, the summary card will not appear and you will only have the Email option. This is because the files generated can be large.

    When you click on Email, you will receive an email with a link to the report. Click on the link which takes you back to the Video Call platform and you will see the report ready to download and view.

    How to download or email a detailed report

    To access a detailed report from the tiles:

    For reports < 2 months, either click the Download button or the Email  button on the desired summary tile.

    For reports > 2 months you will only see the Email option (and no summary as outlined above).
    Report < 2 months
    Click on History and you will see the reports downloaded or emailed from the last 24 hours. You can also download the reports from here. Any older reports will no longer be available in this view.

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