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    Compatible medical devices such as general examination cameras, scopes, pulse oximeters etc are available though third party companies not associated with Healthdirect. These are usually USB devices that can be plugged into your computer and used to enhance your Video Call diagnostic capabilities. Please note that Healthdirect does not provide these devices, your organisation will need to organise these independently if you wish to purchase them for use in your service. Use the descriptions and links below to get more information about the companies and the products they have available - this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other products available.

    Company and information Examples of medical devices
    Visionflex products can add greater depth and detail to telehealth sessions by providing a close-up view through digital scopes and peripherals for Video Call participants.

    The probes and accessories plug directly into your computer or device via USB.

    The ProEX hub supports a comprehensive range of interchangeable probes and accessories. Patient vitals, images and video can be transmitted through the Video Call connection to a specialist for remote diagnosis or stored on the built-in encrypted hard drive for later analysis or archiving.

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