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    Video Call Glossary

    A compilation of Video Call related terms and their meaning

    Apps (previously called Add-ons) - Extra tools and applications that can be used and configured to enhance a clinic’s interface and experience during and after consultations (eg post-call surveys).

    Administrator - A video call user with administration access, either Organisation Admin (can administer the entire org) or Team Admin (can administer their clinic).

    Bandwidth - A measure of the amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another within a network in a specific amount of time. The higher the bandwidth, the more data/information can be transmitted.

    Broadband - In the context of Internet access, broadband means any high-speed Internet access that facilitates the transmission of wide bandwidth data.

    Caller - A user who is not an account holder, typically a patient or client (but could also be an interpreter or support person, for example) who starts a Video Call and is joined by a health service provider.

    Call - A set of video call connections to a Meeting Room or Waiting Area Room, that occur within the duration of a single Meeting or Consultation.

    Call Interface - The Video Call window that video consultations take place in. 

    Caller's Entry Point - The page from which the Caller enters a Waiting Area Room. This may be located on either the organisation's website, or via a link to the Waiting Area (copied from the Waiting Area Dashboard and sent to the caller).

    Clinic - A clinic can have a waiting area, meeting rooms and user rooms associated with it. Clinics belong to organisations and each clinic has one waiting area.

    Clinician - A health service provider such as a doctor, nurse, psychologist or allied health professional who consults with patients.

    Configure - You can configure, or customise, your clinic waiting area and call screen in various ways to suit your organisation or team. Organisation and clinic administrators will see a Configure option on the left side of their clinic waiting area or organisation page.

    Consultation - A video call that is the result of a patient/caller coming into a waiting area and being joined by a health service provider (Team Member/Team Admin user). This call must meet the Minimum Consultation Duration (set in reporting configuration) or longer.

    Consultation Hours - The total time (in hours) during which Consultations took place, during the Reporting Period (in Organisation Reports).

    Data Collections - A tab in a clinic Waiting Area where a Team Member/Team Admin user can access all stored data, such as audio recordings. 

    Default Reporting Period - The Reporting Period that is set by default within the Video Call platform. This can be modified to a custom reporting period by changing the dates.

    Devolved local recording - A digital recording of a consultation between a clinician and patient on the healthdirect Video Call platform that is held or stored by the organisation, not by Healthdirect. 

    Deleted - Deactivated within the Video Call Platform and no longer usable.

    Encryption - Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information's true meaning. This ensures the video consultation is secure and private.

    Firewall - A hardware or software based system that filters network traffic according to a set of rules. Simple firewalls normally block access to specific ports.

    Guest - A user participating in a call to a Meeting Room (where they are not a member of the clinic) or Waiting Area Room (where they are not a Service Provider of that Waiting Area, or a Caller/Patient). Guests are provided with a link taking them into the designated meeting room or consultation.

    Host - The host is the owner of the call in the following user instances:

    • the signed in user who joins a call from a waiting area
    • the signed in user who invites another participant (guest) into a meeting room
    • the signed in user who is the owner of a user room

    Interpreter - Interpreters translate spoken or signed languages into other spoken or signed languages, often in a realtime capacity for the benefit of people requiring instantaneous translation.

    Meeting - A video call that takes place in a clinic meeting room. Any member of the clinic with waiting area access can enter or exit the meeting at any time. 

    Meeting Room - A room created within a clinic that signed in users can use or join at any time (just like a physical meeting room). Team members can also invite guests (other health service providers from outside the team into the meeting.

    My Clinics - A view of all the clinics, and a summary of any activity in those clinics, a user is a member of. This view will only be visible to users who are a member of more than 1 clinic/waiting room.  

    My Organisations - view of all organisations a user is a member of. 

    Organisation Reports - The various reports an Org Admin user can run and download for any organisation they have access to.

    Participant - General term for anyone engaging in a telehealth video call. This could be a patient, service provider (Team Member or Team Admin), translator or other guest.

    Patient - person seeking or undergoing medical care via telehealth.  

    Patient Support Contact - The Video Call account holder designated to assist patients if they have any issues or questions relating to attending a Video Call consultation.

    Platform - The Video Call platform that users sign into to access their clinic/s. 

    Real time - Communication that occurs right away, without any perceptible delay.This is very important for video conferencing as any perceived delay will make the consultation very difficult.

    Reporting Period - The interval between a specified start date and an end date, for which a report is generated.

    Support Contact - The Video Call account holder designated to assist clinic staff with any issues or questions relating to Video Call. Support contacts can be at the clinic or organisation level.

    Service Referrer - Any user with Service Referrer access that grants them permission to transfer a call to the Clinic’s Waiting Area, from another Waiting Area where they are a Team Member or Team Admin (Service Referrer is a supplementary role and the user must also have member or admin access in their primary clinic).

    Signed-in User - A person signed into the Video Call Platform using their Video Call Account.

    Team Administrator - A user with Team Admin access who can administer the clinic’s users and settings. The Team Admin can also join calls from the waiting area, if required.

    Pre-call test - The pre-call test users can perform prior to using Video Call that tests their equipment and internet connection.

    Team member (Health Service Provider/Provider) – Any user with Team Member access, typically a clinician providing medical care via the Video Call platform.

    Eg: Allied Health, GP, Specialist

    Synonyms: Clinician, Service Provider, Practitioner, Doctor. 

    User Room - Individually owned room. Each member has their own private user room if they have been set up with User Room access. The User Room owner can invite guests into their room to hold private meetings. Please note: we recommend not holding consultations with patients in User Rooms as the Waiting Area has much more functionality and workflow options.

    Telehealth - Telehealth is the delivery of health care at a distance using information and communications technology. This includes phone and video telehealth.

    Tools - a range of tools available to enable screen sharing and collaborative tools such as whiteboards, file sharing, sharing images or PDF files and sharing a document camera.

    User - A person who interacts with the Video Call Platform.

    Waiting Area - A clinic's online waiting area that all callers wait in until a service provider joins them for their video consultation. 

    Organisation - The top of the Video Call Management Console's hierarchy is called an Organisational Unit. This could be a hospital or other overarching entity which may contain many clinics, but can also be set up to contain 1 clinic only. It is usually an entity comprising multiple clinics with associated Waiting Areas and Meeting Rooms.

    Organisation Administrator (Org Admin) - A user who administers the organisation, including all the clinics associated with an organisation.

    Waiting Area Dashboard - view of all current activity in a clinic’s waiting area. This includes the queue of all waiting patients, as well as patients actively in a call. This view is visible to: Org Admin, Team Admin and team Member users with Waiting Area access.

    Waiting Area - Each clinic has one waiting area. This is where patients/clients arrive and wait to be joined by their health service provider.

    Waiting Area Queue - View of all callers waiting in a given clinic.

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