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    Configure and uninstall add-ons

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    Add-ons are tools and functions available in the Video Call platform that can be used and configured to help enhance your clinic’s interface and experience during the consultation. 

    To access add-ons go to Add-ons on the LHS of the clinic dashboard. You will see the available add-ons for your clinic:                                                          

    Description of the default Video Call add-ons:

    • File Transfer

    File transfer enables clinicians and callers to transfer a file within a call and needs to be an installed add-on for the clinic, prior to the call. This enables the 'Share a file' tool in Video Call Tools. Other participants will see the name of the file being shared and a download button.

    • Automatic Participant Focus

    Resizes the call screen windows so your local self view screen is smaller and the far end (caller) screen is larger.

    • Highlighters

    Enables three highlighter annotation colours when using video call tools during a call (e.g. collaborating on a PDF or image file or a screen-share).

    • Dual Screen

    Enables participants to share more than one Video Call Tool at a time (for example, an x-ray and a pdf file).

    This enables 'Grid View' tools in the video call.

    • Post Call Links

    Redirects callers to an evaluation survey or web page after the call. 

    • Request Camera

    This appears in Video Call Tools and allows participants to request an additional camera from the remote end that can provide another live feed during a consult (for example, a medical scope or a second camera).

    • YouTube Video Player
    This appears in Video Call Tools and allows a YouTube link to a video to be embedded into a call without needing to access YouTube via a browser. Once embedded the video can be played and the playhead moved and this will sync the video and sound for all participants in the call.
    • Healthdirect Waiting Area Consent

    The important information presented to callers to read prior to entering the Waiting Area. 

    The following add-ons can be requested for your clinic if required (but are not part of the default package):

    • Phone Callout
    Allows the signed in user to call a phone number from inside their current video call and add a participant as audio only via their phone.

    To read more about using Tools in a Video Call, visit our Tools page

    Configuring Add-ons

    Some add-ons have configurable properties that you can configure to suit your clinic's needs. To navigate to the Configure Add-ons section follow these steps:

    Sign in, click on Add-ons in LHS menu.

    There are two configurable default Add-ons: Post Call Links and Healthdirect Waiting Area Consent. These add-ons have a Settings cog in the Details button. Click on this button to see the configuration options.

    See below for more information for each of these configurable add-ons:

    Post Call Links

    At the end of a call, participants can either be redirected to a web page which may contain more information or to an evaluation survey. 

    1. The Details box has a Configure option that provides options to customise the post call link page.
    Click Add form to begin configuration.

    3. You can edit the Page Title and Page Test.

    You can also select the call type - which type of room you want the Video Call to have taken place in - for consultations this should be set to Waiting Area.

    Select the User role

    Everyone - everyone will get the survey

    Guest = invited participant

    Host = clinician

    Participant = patient/client

    4. Select how participants are presented with the survey:

    Embed in call flow: embedded in a frame within the call screen

    Launch from using button: redirected to the survey page with the press of a button

    Redirect to URL: redirected to a survey page (using a survey tool of your choice)

    Click Save to save and apply the changes.

    To remove/delete a post-call URL link, click on the  Remove button and then Click Save to save and apply the changes.
    Note: The remove button does clear the intended form, however, changes will not be applied until the Save button is clicked. 

    Healthdirect Waiting Area Consent

    This is the Important Information that callers will be presented with before pressing Continue and starting the call.

    2. Enter the information you would like the caller will see prior to entering the call and click the Save button

    Uninstalling add-ons

    1.  To remove an Add-on click on the Details button next to it and then click the Uninstall button. You will be prompted to confirm the uninstall or cancel and leave the add-on installed.
    Please note: once uninstalled you cannot simply find an add-on again and reinstall it. Contact the video call team if you need to reinstall.

    Finding additional Add-ons - this feature is currently unavailable but will be coming in the future

    When this feature is enabled you will be able to search for Add-ons to add to your clinic by clicking on Find Add-ons. 


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