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    Share a YouTube video in your Video Call

    What video call platform role do I need: Team member, Team admin

    The YouTube Video Player app enables users to play a YouTube video during a video call. This means users can share a YouTube video without needing to share a browser tab, as all you need is the YouTube link. Please note that this is specifically for YouTube videos and is not designed to work with links from other video streaming services.

    To play a YouTube video in your Video Call:

    YouTube Video Player is an App that is enabled in all Video Call clinics.
    This YouTube app is an available tool in your call screen while you are in a Video Call. Click on Apps & Tools at bottom right of the call screen to access Video Call apps and tools.
    Click on Youtube player if you want to share and play a YouTube video with other participants in your call.
    When the app opens in the call, paste in the YouTube link and click on Embed Video.
    The video will play as an embedded video for all participants in the call. The controls are synchronised, so if one user skips to a certain point in the video, the other participant/s will see this update. If a patient shares the video, the health service provider also has control and can move to a certain point or replay a section as required.

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