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    Video Call via Satellite

    Video Call and Balconi Global Live

    The healthdirect Video Call platform has been successfully tested with Satellite connections, particularly using the Balconi Global Live Solution.

    What problem does the Balconi Global Live solution solve? 

    It facilitates a Healthdirect video call in remote communities with poor connectivity that normally would not support a video call, extending the healthcare reach.

    How does the setup work? 

    The Balconi Global Live provides a reliable internet connection over 3G/4G/Satellite network in an easy to setup portable kit. With a simple detachable camera in the hand of the health professional, makes it very easy to support patients to see their clinicians remotely. This is done using Balconi equipment and entering the health service provider clinic to connect.

    The Balconi Network provides a secure interface between the remote community and the Healthdirect video call platform. The portable kit with detachable camera enables clinicians to support remote community patients over all networks, 3G/4G and Satellite

    Are there any limitations? 

    The Balconi Global Live is designed to work over the worst networks, when connectivity is poor and the network latency is very high like Satellite Networks. These networks have cost effective plans but they do not support Video Calling. The Balconi Global Live brings Video Calling to these low cost plans. We have successfully tested connection speeds with less than 128kbps (up and downstream) and been able to maintain a successful video call.  

    Clinic settings to observe on healthdirect Video Call interworking with Balconi:

    Clinic Configuration -> Call Quality ->  Connection Check Behaviour & Video Quality Preset.
    We recommend using the Adaptive quality setting, However should you experience issues, you may wish to try switching to the "low" bandwidth setting in the Video Quality Preset. 

    Traffic Light connection feature

    You can easily check your call connection speed while in a Healthdirect Video Call. 

    • When you enter a video call you will see a coloured dot at the bottom right of the other participant screens. 
    • This traffic light feature indicates the quality of your internet connection with each connected participant. 
    • Green is good, yellow is ok, red is bad.
    • Click the traffic light to see the actual bandwidth with which you are connected to them -  anything below the required 350Kbps up or down will lead to drop-outs

    Works well if you are in a remote community with poor connectivity. With the Balconi Global Live system, you can successfully connect to your Video Call consult with health organisations using the Healthdirect Video Call platform. You maintain end to end encrypted, safe and secure Video Consultations with your parients as well as good quality video.

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