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    Add live captions to your Video Call

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    For any users and callers who are deaf or hard of hearing, it is challenging to fully participate in verbal communications . Live captioning provides access to spoken dialogue displayed on a screen and is delivered in real-time. While this functionality is not an added function within the Video Call platform, you are able to use a third party web captioning service to provide live captions as a shared screen in your call.

    There are several web websites offering web captioning services. While in a Video Call you can open a new tab, go to your preferred web captioning website, share your screen or tab into the call, start the captioning service and begin the consultation. The web captioner will add captions as you speak and they will show on the shared screen/tab in the call for all participants to see. This helps make Video Call more accessible to those who cannot clearly hear what you are saying.

    Our team has tested one of the free web captioners, Web Captioner, and it works well with Video Call. Please see below for instructions for using Web Captioner with Video Call.

    Go to Web Captioner in a Chrome browser. Other browsers are not currently supported by this application.
    If you arrive at this page, click on Start Captioning.
    You will see a black page where your captions will appear, and at the bottom right there is a settings icon. You can set up an account and sign in (still a free service but you will be able to save any changes to settings) or just start using the captioner for free with no account.
    Have Web Captioner open ready to go and then join the call with your patient/client. You can share the Chrome Tab into the call at any time using Video Call Tools.
    Click on Start Captioning when you have shared the Chrome tab into your call and Web Captioner will caption live as you speak, using voice recognition. Only your voice will be captioned for the other participant/s to read.
    If the live captions contain an error you can correct it verbally. The text is large and easy to read.
    Click Stop captioning in the web captioner tab when you have finished your consultation.

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