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    Enable/disable desktop notifications for all your clinics

    What platform role do I need: Any signed in user with more than one clinic

    You can easily enable desktop notifications from your My Clinics page for all the clinics you have access to. When enabled you will receive a desktop notification every time a patient enters one of your waiting areas. The notification will include a sound alert so you will know someone has arrived even if you are looking away from your computer. Please note this only applies if you are a member of more than one clinic.

    To enable desktop notifications for your clinics:

    Go to your My Clinics page. When you log in you will be taken to this page by default so you can see the activity in all your clinic waiting areas.
    Any caller activity will be summarised at the top.

    To get here from another page in the Video Call platform, click on your name at top right and select My Clinics from the dropdown menu.
    Under My Clinics you can enable or disable desktop notifications for all your clinics.
    Once you enable notifications the text changes to 'disable desktop notifications' so you can easily turn them on and off.

    Please note this will not affect the Waiting Area Alerts section in each of your individual clinics. While enabled from My Clinics, desktop alerts will not show as enabled in each of your clinics even though the notifications will come through.

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