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    View my roles and permissions

    View your Video Call platform roles and permissions for the organisations and clinics you have access to

    View the roles and permissions you have across all organisations and clinics you are associated with. 

    Viewing My Roles

    1. Sign in and click on My Roles in the left column. 

    2. Depending on your role, you will see the following:
    Organisation Administrator (including org coordinator and org reporter):
    You will see all the organisations you are an administrator of, all clinics you are associated with and your roles and permissions within each clinic. Organisation Administrators can change their clinic roles and permissions (Edit button), or delete yourself from a clinic if required (Delete button).
    Team Member, Clinic Clerk and Service Referrer:
    Users with these clinic roles, can view the clinics they are associated with and their roles and permissions within each clinic. They cannot edit their roles and permissions (this must be done by an administrator in the clinic).
    Clinic Admin:
    You can view and edit your own permissions for the clinics you are an administrator in. 
    You can also remove your role from a clinic.

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