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    Create an accessible patient link

    A personalised clinic link makes it even easier for your patients and other guests to access the clinic waiting area

    When a patient/caller starts a Video Call they are asked to fill in their details before clicking continue to arrive in your clinic waiting area. These details include their first and last names, their phone number and any other information requested by your clinic for all callers (configured by a clinic administrator). 

    For patients/callers who have mobility or other issues that may make this process difficult, you are able to create a personalised, accessible link just for them. This will make accessing Video Call one simple click on the link you provide. 

    Please note: this process will bypass the connection checks performed by our service, so it is best to use these links only when required.

    Supporting information about creating the personalised accessible link

    Fill in the patient details - you will need to have all the information required.
    Any extra patient entry fields configured for the clinic will show once you paste in the Clinic URL. You then add the patient details to those fields, for example their medicare number if requested. If a patient entry field is not configured as 'required' in the clinic, then it will not be a required field in this link either so you can choose whether or not to add that information. If it is showing as required, then you cannot create the link without that field completed.
    Please note: if you hover over a field you will see text explaining what you need to do.
    Example of a completed link form ready to click on 'Create the patient link'.

    Click on 'Create the patient link'  once you have filled in all fields to generate the personal link for your patient. 

    Copy this link and send it to your patient via email or SMS. 

    Please note: For privacy and security Healthdirect does not store any patient details and these are embedded in the link only. For this reason the link can be quite long, so use the Copy button above the link to copy before sending to your patient. 

    The link does not expire.

    The patient will come directly into the waiting area once they click on the link and press continue after reading the important clinic information. You will see the details that have been added for them by the person creating their link, in the clinic waiting area.

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