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    Adding a SIP participant to a Video Call

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    Please note this functionality is currently in a testing phase and not yet widely available. If you are interested in the potential use of this feature please contact us at

    You can add a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) participant to a Video Call in both the waiting area and meeting rooms. An example use case would be bridging a Video Call with an organisation's existing video conferencing unit (for example Cisco Webex, Pexip, Avaya etc) into a Video Call. This enables the Video Call to connect to the video conference members. 

    Calls involving a SIP endpoint are only available on a one to one basis - ie One Video Call participant to one SIP endpoint.

    SIP participants can be invited to a Video Call in three ways:

    Connecting a patient to a SIP participant in the Waiting Area

    You can invite a patient/client into the clinic waiting area using the clinic link and then connect them to a SIP endpoint from the waiting area dashboard. In this workflow the patient /client is attending via healthdirect Video Call and the service provider is joining the Video Call via SIP endpoint.

    Go to your SIP enabled clinic waiting area dashboard and locate the caller you would like to connect to a SIP participant.

    To connect this caller to a SIP endpoint:
    • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the Join button and select Add A SIP Host.
    • Then add the name of the endpoint connecting via SIP and the SIP URI.
    • Click Add a SIP Host at bottom right to connect the caller to the SIP participant. 
    • The caller will then be connected with the SIP endpoint in the Video Call screen.

    Invite a SIP participant to the waiting area

    You can invite a caller who will connecting via SIP into the waiting area where they can be joined in a Video Call. In this workflow the patient /client is attending via SIP endpoint and the service provider is joining the Video Call from the Waiting Area:

    Click on Invite in your SIP enabled clinic waiting area dashboard.
    In the pop-up invitation box, select SIP and add the participant's Name and the SIP URI.

    Click Add A SIP Participant to bring this caller into the waiting area, where they can be joined in a call. 
    The participant name you have entered will show when they arrive in the Waiting Area.
    Press Join to connect to the SIP endpoint via Video Call. 


    Adding a SIP participant to a call in a Meeting Room:

    When you enter a meeting room, you can use the call manager in the call screen to invite a SIP participant into the call:

    Enter a meeting room in the SIP enabled clinic

    Click on Call Manager at the top right of the call screen
    Select Call a SIP URI
    Enter the name and SIP URI
    To disconnect the  SIP end point, hang up the call at from the Call Manager Hang up button (not the hang up button in the main call screen).

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